how we
can help

Building or renovating a home can be overwhelming. We simplify the entire process, starting with a Meet & Greet to see if we’re on the same wavelength. From here we arrange a low cost Project Workshop where we’ll ask a ton of questions about you and your project. We’ll also walk you through the design and building process, advise on timeframes, and outline our services and fees. Everything is summarised in a Project Proposal document, giving us a solid foundation to build on (hah!).

We begin the design process with a site visit, looking at maximising sunlight, views, privacy, shelter, and working within the legal parameters. A few coffees later, and everything we’ve discovered is funneled into sketch concepts. Making sure our creative solutions match your dollars to the dream. A 3D digital model is created, allowing virtual walkthroughs of your home as it is being designed. If necessary we engage engineers and other consultants, using the 3D model to coordinate with them. This process ensures we submit for consent with everything just right, reducing consenting and building delays.

We can also help with selecting a qualified builder, running the construction contract, observing on site, and advocating for your interests during the build. We’re team players and know that a great project requires a good architect, good builder, and good client all working together toward the same goal.