Love Letters

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“Shaw & Shaw Architects went over and beyond to successfully complete a high quality project with limited budget and restrictive time. Their professionalism was clearly displayed throughout, particularly in time management. The couple walked through each stage of the process with me, so I felt on top of the project the whole time. Another quality I appreciated was how they kept the project within scope and budget. It was easy for me to lose sight and start adding extra bells and whistles. They respectfully reminded me about the original vision and brought solutions tailored to my budget, the outcome of their respectful and client-focused approach was a top quality build. I highly recommend this power couple. They are young, passionate, yet professional, trustworthy, and filled with brilliant, and right ideas.”
— Frank Hsu, Wellington

Frank Hsu portrait
“Working with our budget in mind Geordie and Emma steered us towards design ideas that would maximise the impact of our finance in the right places, and were clear on design choices that weren’t going to fit this and why. We were surprised at just how much say we were able to have throughout the process, with Geordie and Emma always taking our ideas into consideration and valuing what we valued— the end result being a true combination of everything we wanted with their design expertise.”
— Josh & Reegan Stewart, Wellington

Josh & Reegan Stewart portrait
I was overwhelmed with how much there was to do, but thanks to Emma and Geordie, everything was made simple and stress free. They managed to do everything via email and phone as I live in a different city. I found them extremely thorough and passionate and they thought of things that I wouldn’t have even considered. I felt that their approach to design was modern and the ideas they had were ‘outside of the box’ thinking. Emma and Geordie go above and beyond and nothing was too much to ask!
— Toni Cleaver, Tauranga

Toni Cleaver portrait